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Cost Saving Tips When Insuring Your New Teenaged Driver

By September 13, 2012June 8th, 2020Insurance

Adding your teenaged driver to your auto insurance policy does not have to cost a fortune. The first step to take is to shop carefully for the right vehicle. Look for a safe, well maintained and reliable car if you are going shopping for a used vehicle, and be aware that if you are buying new, anything “sporty” will cost much more to insure.

It might be wise to consult your insurance agent before purchasing a car for your teenager, so that you will be prepared for the premium costs. A vehicle with additional safety features might cost less, and an older vehicle might save you money as well. You might also want to consider a larger deductible in order to help bring down the cost of your auto insurance premiums. 

It might be wise to consult your agent about any discounts that might be available for things like your teenager’s good grades, or a defensive driving course they have passed. Discounts might also be available for purchasing all insurance policies from the same company, installing anti-theft devices in your vehicles and ensuring that the drivers in your family maintain good driving records with no accidents or other moving violations. Your agent can help you insure all of your vehicles at an affordable rate. 


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