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Golf Carts not Just for Golf Courses

By May 30, 2012June 8th, 2020Insurance

California has some of the most beautiful golf courses in the country, including such famous courses as Pebble Beach and Torrey Pines. Golf is a popular sport in the Golden State with its year round mild weather. In some areas, golf carts are used not just on the golf course, but for driving across large, private estates and for traveling around small communities. Whether used on a golf course only, or in other areas, your golf cart may need to be insured with an endorsement through your southern California auto insurance. You may want to pay special attention to a passenger liability option as well, if you drive friends around in your golf cart.

According to California law, should you choose to drive your golf cart off the golf course or your own private property and onto a road, it must be equipped with a head lamp, tail lamp, stop lamp, front, rear, and side reflectors, front and read turn signals, rear view mirror, fenders, safety glazed windshield, wipers, and a horn. 

A golf cart may provide a more eco-friendly travel option when you are traveling a short distance in your community. It may be ideal for negotiating trails and narrow small town streets. Should you decide to purchase your own golf cart to drive on the golf course, or in some other area, check with your agent to find out more about an endorsement to your southern California auto insurance so that you have financial protection for your golf cart and passengers.  


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