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Are Mudflows covered under your Homeowners Insurance Policy?

By December 12, 2014June 8th, 2020Insurance

Many homeowners mistakenly think that their homeowners insurance covers mudslides or mud flows. Mud flows are rivers of liquid flowing mud often caused by a combination of brush loss and heavy rains. Soil becomes saturated from either rapid snowmelt or heavy or long periods of rain. Damage from mud flows is covered by flood insurance. Many homeowners that live on hillsides fail to purchase flood insurance because they think of rising water  in a low lying area rather than mud flows from a hill side. This can be a very costly mistake.


It is important to note that mudflows are different from other earth movements, such as landslides, slope failures, and even moving saturated soil masses in which masses of earth, rock or debris move down a slope where there is not a flowing characteristic. Damage from mudflows is covered by flood insurance; damage from landslides and other earth movements is not. Mudslides can also be covered, if defined exactly as the Standard Flood Insurance Policy defines Mudflow.

If you live in an area that suffered a wildfire it is recommended to purchase flood insurance. There is typically a 30 day waiting period before flood insurance takes effect.  For more information contact our office or







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