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Recent earthquakes are reminder to be prepared

By January 16, 2014June 8th, 2020Insurance

Recent earthquakes in the inland Empire are a reminder that we are in earthquake country. While the most recent earthquake in Fontana was only a 4.4 magnitude temblor it should remind California residents of the importance of being prepared. The combination of three strong quakes in relatively short time has raised earthquake awareness in Southern California and the fact that we have not had a big earthquake for a long time we tend to forget about them.

Family in front of house

It is important to make safety preparations for your family and the importance of escape plans and designated meeting places, setting aside food, water, cash, medicine and other supplies that anticipate at least a temporary shutdown of basic services and communications over a period of time. We recommend contacting the Red Cross for more tips on emergency preparedness.

A reminder to property owners your standard homeowners insurance policy does not cover earthquake damage. It is important to obtain quotes or purchase a separate earthquake insurance policy in order to protect your largest asset, your home or rental proeprties. There are several options for earthquake insurance throughout California. Is important to note that there are several different types of earthquake policies. There is a basic earthquake policy that primarily covers the dwelling only and provides very limited coverage for your personal property, loss of use and other structures. This may not be sufficient to protect you and your family. While this policy provides coverage on the main structure it fails to provide coverage for those with block walls, pool houses, guest houses or other structures. In addition it does not provide enough coverage for loss of use. Let’s say your house is severely damaged in an earthquake and you did not purchase the loss of use coverage or purchase just the basic limit, you would have to continue to make your regular mortgage payment and would also incur the additional cost to live somewhere else uwhile your home was being rebuilt. Choosing the proper earthquake insurance is very important in protecting your family and your property. While the CEA offers earthquake insurance to a majority of property owners there are several other options that may be more competitive, provide additional coverages and limits to meet your needs. Earthquake insurance is available for commercial properties and apartment buildings as well.

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