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Before Buying a New Car Check Insurance Rates

By August 2, 2012June 8th, 2020Insurance

The type of auto you choose to buy may be one of the major determining factors in the insurance premiums you may have to pay in southern California. Most people, when looking for a new car, may consider things like gas mileage, cost of parts and repair, size of the vehicle, comfort and extra features, but not everyone thinks to check into insurance costs for a new auto.

Vehicles that tend to be more expensive to insure include those with higher horse power, ones that cost more to repair and higher priced vehicles with expensive features that tend to attract thieves, according to the Highway Loss Data Institute. Other factors that affect the insurance rates you may pay for a new auto include the age, gender and driving record of the primary driver, other drivers in the household and the southern California community in which you live.

For example, statistics show that sports cars with higher horsepower tend to be driven by younger males who often engage in riskier driving habits than young mothers carrying children in the backs of station wagons. Consequently, sports cars present a greater risk and cost more to insure than station wagons. A higher priced auto may have expensive features that cost more to replace than the average priced vehicle. This may drive insurance costs up. The bottom line is that you may want to contact your southern California agent to find out what your auto insurance premium may be before buying a new car.


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