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Buying that First Car for Your Teenager

By July 19, 2012June 8th, 2020Insurance

Purchasing your teenager’s first car is a big deal. You will want to buy them something safe and economical, whether it’s a new car, or secondhand. Involving your teen in the decision-making process may help teach responsibility. Working out some kind of cost-sharing arrangement in regards to gas, maintenance and auto insurance may also be a valuable learning experience for your teen.

When looking at a potential car, it’s a good idea to research safety features and crash test results in an effort to purchase the safest car possible. Air bags and anti-lock brakes are features that may protect your teenager in an accident. You may also want to consider an energy efficient car.

It might be wise to send your teen driver to a quality driving school where they may get lessons from a skilled professional. Paying attention to your own behavior on the road may also help your teen more than you realize. Teenagers tend to pick up aggressive, distracted driving habits from their parents. It may help your teen if you improve your driving habits while teaching them. Should you decide to purchase a used car for your teen, you may want to consider having a certified mechanic inspect the car before you buy in case of any mechanical problems. You also may want to check with your auto insurance agent in southern California to find out the cost of a policy on the car you are considering.


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