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California Fleet Auto Insurance is not an insurance carrier

By December 4, 2017January 7th, 2021Insurance

As an insurance agency, we get a lot of calls asking if we are California Fleet Auto Insurance, we are not. There is no such insurance company.  A lot of the time it is someone who had an accident and thought that was the name of the other parties insurance carrier, it isn’t.

To save you some time California Fleet Auto Insurance is the name of the FORM for a Commercial Auto Insurance  ID card. If you look under the title of the ID card you will find a line that says Carrier # and Company Name, Address and phone number. That is who you will want to call if you have questions regarding a claim!

If the Police Report mistakenly listed the name of the ID Card Form instead of the Carrier you will need to call the Department of Insurance to see if they can determine which insurance carriers policy # it is or for assistance or call the party that was involved in the accident and ask them for the name of the carrier.

We thought this might be helpful information.


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