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Compare Car Insurance Has Arrived?

By March 5, 2015June 8th, 2020Insurance

Recently, Google Compare has announced they are introducing  an auto insurance comparison tool that can find you an apples to apples comparison on auto insurance of multiple providers in minutes. Insurance Incorporated and other independent insurance agents have been offering this for over 10 years.  In addition to providing you with quotes from several of the nations leading insurance carriers, we educate and advise our customers on what they are purchasing, additional discounts and can go a step further by offering comparisons of multiple insurance carriers on other types of insurance such as  Homeowners, Renters, Investment Properties, Business Insurance, such as General Liability,  Workers Compensation Insurance, Property, Commercial Auto and Health insurance. shutterstock_83375005 The difference between what an independent agent can offer and what you will get from an internet rater is knowledge and experience which can greatly benefit the consumer.  Very few consumers are experts in insurance and may neglect or unknowingly exclude a coverage simply to save another dollar, not knowing that while they have  saved a few dollars in premium they have just exposed themselves to a potential financial catastrophic loss. We have heard horror story after horror story where consumers did not understand the coverage they were purchasing online and bought a minimum limit liability policy, often paid a higher premium and suffered a loss which left them responsible for a majority of the loss after the insurance carrier paid out their limits. Insuring your largest assets is not something you should guess on because you may find yourself  self insuring after you exhaust the limits selected, just because you were not informed on what was available and what the consequences of certain exclusions or limits being offered. For more information or a comparison quote on your insurance contact our office

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