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Consider New Car Safety Ratings When You Buy a Car

By June 20, 2012June 8th, 2020Insurance

The U.S. government has minimum safety standards that all new cars are required to meet before being sold to the American public. Some auto makers install additional safety features over and above those required by law. Purchasing a new car with the maximum in safety features may have a positive impact on your southern California auto insurance premium.

A vehicle’s crash worthiness rating is an important consideration. Certain features may reduce the risk of a fatality or serious injury should an accident occur. The Insurance Information Institute website has an Auto Crash Test tool that may help you determine the effectiveness of safety features on some automobiles.

The vehicle’s structural design is an important consideration. The driver and passenger compartments, as well as the front and rear ends of the vehicle are generally designed to absorb the force of an impact and protect the occupants. Simple laws of physics dictate that larger, heavier cars may be safer than smaller, lighter cars, but safety features can make a difference.

Restraint systems such as lap and shoulder safety belts, front and side air bags and head restraints may reduce the risk of occupants being injured or even killed in an auto accident. Why not check with your agent to find out the likely cost of southern California auto insurance premiums before settling on your new car?


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