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Construction Site Fatalities Increase by over 250% Without State Regulated Training Programs

By June 24, 2014June 8th, 2020Insurance

Construction sites present physical dangers to workers and are potential financial risks for general contractors. Proper training is essential for preventing fatalities and work-related injuries on construction sites. State-approved training programs provide construction workers with the preparation they need to work safely. Contractors insurance provides general contractors with the coverage they need on their construction sites.

What happens when construction sites aren’t state regulated?

Without state regulation, workers are exposed to the countless dangers present on construction sites. Within the past 3 years, New York City has experienced 36 worker deaths — 72% of which occurred on construction sites with no state regulated training programs.

New York City showcases the gaps in regulation that need to be addressed for today’s construction workers and companies. City contracts in NYC mandate that construction companies provide the proper training for all workers. However, all other non city-contracted construction projects are not mandated by the state to provide workers with necessary training programs.

Research has shown that construction sites with no state-approved training programs suffered more than two and a half times more fatalities than those with state mandated programs. In either case, the general contractors on construction sites become liable for any and all worker injuries and fatalities that occur.

What can be done to solve this issue?

The recently proposed Safe Jobs Act extends the training regulation requirements for NYC city contracted projects to reach all other taxpayer-funded construction projects. This bill provides construction workers with the necessary training they need in order to maintain a safe and efficient work place environment on construction sites.

Californians face these same issues. Serving as an example of progress in private sector development, Californians working in the construction industry must stay aware of the risks that come with the increasing demand for production. Recently proposed bills  protect the well-being of workers, but what this legislation can not provide is guaranteed protection from liability of worker injuries and fatalities.

Contractors insurance can provide the coverage needed for any general contractor on their construction site. Regardless of the risk exposure of the project, it is important to have the right coverage to prevent any potential for  liability on the construction site.

It is essential that all communities make strides towards creating a safer and more efficient work place for all construction workers. Staying aware of what regulations are mandated at the work place keeps workers thriving and companies alive.


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