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Contractors Errors & Omissions

By February 25, 2015June 8th, 2020Insurance

No matter how careful a contractor is mistakes can happen and you need the coverage to protect your business from losses caused by defective materials or faulty workmanship. These type of losses can have a devastating impact on your business’ production, profitability and reputation.


Most General Liability policies exclude damage to your product and to your work! General Liability will cover the damage you cause to a third party’s property or person, but it does not cover your materials, product or labor if you had to reinstall or fix your work.

Where do you get coverage for your work and product? That would be covered under Contractors Errors & Omissions coverage. Most Contractors E & O Policies will protect you against claims of faulty workmanship and materials and against the resulting loss incurred. You are also protected against damage to your work after your portion of the job or project has been completed.

In addition, some Contractors E & O policies include coverage for Product Recall. This would protect you from costs, losses or expenses incurred due to a product you installed being recalled.

Before something unexpected happens we encourage you to learn more about Contractors E & O coverage. It could mean the difference between staying in business or closing your doors.

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