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Credit Card Scams in California Gas Stations

By January 12, 2012June 8th, 2020Insurance

Customers beware of fraud at the pump!!! Police recently have confirmed that ” Fraud Skimmers” are being placed inside pumps at gasoline stations in Southern California. What these devices do is copy your credit card information where thieves can access your private information. These thieves basically have a key to the dispenser (pump) and are placing this transmitting device in them, which they have access to at a later time when the gas station is not busy. Several customers reporting their credit and ATM cards were compromised after they filled up at certain gas station locations. Victims said they paid for gas, and then checked their statement at a later time and strange charges began showing up.

Tips to Customers in Southern California & Riverside Areas:

  • Check credit card and bank statements for strange activity
  • Amounts are usually right around $100 or under
  • locations tend to be in places that you don’t go to frequently

Tips for Gas Station Business Owners in Southern California & Riverside Areas:

  • Have employees check all locks to ensure safety at all pumps daily
  • Have adequate lighting around pumps and in areas where thieves can hit
  • Check surveillance to ensure everything is being monitored correctly


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