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Do I need Renters Insurance?

By February 28, 2020January 6th, 2021Insurance

Many people ask do I need renters insurance? The smart answer is yes, for a small premium you can protect you and your family from potentially catastrophic losses at a relatively low cost.

There are several reasons why we recommend purchasing Renters insurance

Protect Your Property – You have worked hard to purchase your personal property, items such as clothing, furniture, electronics, bedroom sets, etc. Now ask yourself if there was a fire and I lost everything how much would it cost to go out and replace everything brand new? Probably a substantial amount. You say, Well, I am never going to have a fire. Realize, It may not be you that causes the fire. Have you ever watched the news and seen an apartment building caught fire and all of the people sitting in the street wondering what next? all because the fire started in their neighbor’s apartment? Well, without Renters insurance they are going to have to find a temporary place to live until they can either get back into their apartment or until the apartment is rebuilt? Not to mention, they have to get clothing, furniture, food, etc.

LOSS OF USE -Renters Insurance would have paid for them to live elsewhere until the apartment was rebuilt or they can move to a new apartment or property.

LIABILITY – Renters insurance also provides you with Personal Liability Insurance which protects you against personal lawsuits.  It covers things like Bodily injury to another person or property damage that you are legally liable for.

DISCOUNTS  ON YOUR AUTO INSURANCE -Most insurance carriers will also give discounts on your auto insurance when you bundle the auto insurance and renters together saving you as much as 10% off both.  Call us today for a quick no-obligation quote or fill out the link below.

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