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Earthquake Reminder – Don't Gamble with Your Home or Properties!

By March 18, 2014June 8th, 2020Insurance

Did you feel the earthquake this morning in Los Angeles County? Odds are you did and will see it again in the news tonight. The 4.4 earthquake in Los Angeles this morning serves as a reminder that we live in earthquake country. The time to prepare for an earthquake is prior to the event. Do you have earthquake insurance on your property?


California has several insurance companies that now offer earthquake insurance giving California home and property owners more choices. Many consumers believe that their homeowners/property insurance carrier’s plan is the only option for them. This is incorrect, monoline earthquake carriers are available and can offer competitive rates throughout California. The rates depend on where you live, the size or replacement value of your property, construction type, zone, age and whether your property has been retrofitted.

Generally after an earthquake of a 5.2 or larger insurance companies will place a 30 day moratorium on purchasing a new earthquake policy. Fortunately, the earthquake of this morning was only 4.4 and most carriers continue to offer quotes on earthquake insurance.

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