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Health Insurance : When to Use The Emergency Room

By April 13, 2017June 8th, 2020Insurance

Misusing of emergency rooms for non emergency medical events is one of the factors driving up health insurance premiums.  66% of insured’s go to the Emergency Room whenever they or someone they care for are sick and the doctor’s office is closed. 25% believe the emergency room is the best place to go regardless of how sick they are. This drives up costs for subscribers and ties up emergency rooms with non emergency cases.

A better option for consumers may be a quick care option such as Urgent Care Centers, Walk-In Doctor’s office or retail health clinics. These type of options can save the consumer on co-payments and help reduce insurance costs overall. The patient can also avoid long wait times and big bills while getting care quickly for non emergencies like sprains, rashes, colds, etc.

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