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Healthcare Changes Will Come

By July 8, 2013June 8th, 2020Insurance

The one thing we can count on over the next few years in healthcare Is CHANGE. While the so-called “employer mandate” provision of the Affordable Care Act was postponed one year, until January 1, 2015. It is critical for business owners  with 50 full-time or equivalent employees to continue for prepare for the upcoming changes.

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We recommend obtaining group health quotes, early to give your company an idea of the costs and determining whether you meet the over 50 employees “employer mandate” or whether it does not apply. Remember you must total all of your full-time employees and then add up all of the hours of all part-time employees and divide by 120 to determine full-time equivalents. If your full-time employees plus the full-time equivalents equal 50 or more the affordable care act will apply. Being prepared early will help you avoid any potential problems.

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