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HMO vs PPO Health Insurance, What is the difference?

Selecting a health insurance plan can be confusing and frustrating and may have serious consequences. It is always recommended that you speak with a health insurance professional to determine what best fits your needs, but here is some information that may be of assistance;


An HMO Plan covers services performed by IN-NETWORK providers (Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics, etc). Tends to be a lower-cost system, but is more restrictive than a PPO plan. This means if you become seriously ill and want access to a specialist or hospital that is NOT in your network, you may not be covered or have only limited coverage with higher co-payment and/or deductibles.  (refer to your policy or plan details)


Has a network of providers, but also allows for the use of providers outside the plan’s network. It is more flexible than an HMO but is usually more expensive.

Choosing a plan is different for each person and what their needs are. When choosing health insurance we recommend starting with is there a Doctor or a certain Hospital you prefer? If so, make sure they take the Health Insurance Companies insurance that you are choosing and that they are in your Network or Plan. This will help narrow down the insurance companies and plans you will choose from.

If you are young and healthy an HMO may be perfect for your needs, but if you have some serious health issues and want the flexibility to see a specialist or to go to a special Hospital a PPO may be the better choice.  If you would like to obtain quotes or have questions contact Insurance Incorporated

Call 877-898-9333 for a free no-obligation quote on individual or group health, dental, or vision insurance plans.

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