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How the Risk of Wildfires Affects Your Southern California Home Insurance

By February 15, 2012June 8th, 2020Insurance

Look at the typical Southern California home insurance policy and you may find that it covers fire damage. Many may shrug off this coverage as if it were unnecessary. Just because you do not have a fireplace, candles, or matches in your home does not mean you are safe from a blaze. In So Cal, it is very common for wildfires to occur. Why? The region usually boasts little rainfall and high temperatures, which makes for dry vegetation that will easily burn.

The California Department of Public Health has outlined certain steps residents can take to prepare themselves for the occurrence of wildfires. One of these suggestions is to create a cleared area of at least 30 feet around your home to prevent a forest fire from spreading to its walls. How can you do this? CDPH has a few ideas. Keep the ground clear of leaves, tree limbs, and other debris that could help the fire spread. Trim back any branches that hang over your roof as well as ones that grow within 15 feet of the ground.

By creating a safety zone around your home, you can reduce the chance of the radiant heat or flames of a wildfire damaging your house. With a strong blaze however, it may not be enough to stop its movement. This is when having Southern California home insurance with fire coverage comes into play.


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