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How to Wear a Seat Belt Properly

By January 27, 2012June 8th, 2020Insurance

The 2009 Annual Report of Fatal Injury and Motor Vehicle Traffic Collisions from the California Highway Patrol found that during the course of the year, car accidents caused 2,805 fatalities and 163,524 injuries.

While wearing a seat belt will not keep you from possibly needing to file a claim on your Southern California auto insurance, it may help raise the odds of you walking away from a wreck unscathed. A seat belt is only effective when it is worn correctly. Keep these tips in mind every time you buckle in:

•    Never seat more than one person in a seat belt.
•    Shoulder belts should be placed tight against the body. The belt should fall across your shoulder and chest. You should never buckle it beneath your arm or behind your back.
•    When using a lap belt, pull the belt tight so that it is close to your body and resting on your lower hips.
•    Seat belts should never be given up in exchange for an air bag. While an air bag will soften the force of a collision, a seat belt can help prevent you from being thrown from the vehicle.
•    Even pregnant women should wear seat belts. By sitting upright and strapping the lap belt so it sits around the pelvis, you can help protect both yourself and your baby.

Seat belts alone are very effective. When you combine them with additional safety measures such as air bags, you can reduce your risk of being injured in a wreck. Driving a vehicle with extra safety features may also save you money on your southern California auto insurance.


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