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Insurance Claims You May want to Call Your Agent First

By August 27, 2013June 8th, 2020Insurance

After suffering an accident or a loss many consumers are confused about filing an auto insurance claim. You may be unsure on whether to file a claim at all. This is where your insurance agent may be able to advise you on what steps to take.

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A recent example of a call that I was able to help a client involved his auto insurance and damage to his vehicle and whether he shoudl turn a small claim into his insurance carrier. Our client spent the weekend at a nice bed-and-breakfast and when my insured came out to leave in the morning they noticed his car that had been valet’d the night before had a small dent. Realizing the damage is only dollars over his deductible and perhaps not worth reporting he called me to see if I had any ideas. I asked him if he had thought of calling the bed-and-breakfast to ask them if they would consider helping with the claim after all he is a frequent guest and would appreciate the hospitality. The insured said “it’s worth a try”! He called the bed and breakfast owner and was told to fax the estimate over and a week or so later he received a check in the mail for $650 to repair the damaged vehicle. Glad he called his Agent for advice? Yes he was!!  Author: Agent Heather MInguer


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