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Investigate Convertibles before Buying

By May 23, 2012June 8th, 2020Insurance

You may be considering purchasing a new car, and a convertible may be your dream car. Driving along the beach in a shiny convertible, with the top down, and the southern California breeze blowing through your hair may sound exhilarating but when you consider purchasing a convertible, there are things to investigate, other than the sticker price. Chiefly, you need to make sure you are prepared for the ongoing costs involved. One thing to consider is auto insurance. You may want to contact your agent to find out the typical southern California auto insurance rates for the type of convertible you have in mind before buying one.

When looking at convertibles, it’s also important to consider safety. Hard tops may be a little more expensive, but are typically more difficult for vandals to break into than soft tops. Look into getting a roll bar, which may provide some protection in the event of an accident in which the convertible flips over. Added safety features in a convertible may cost a little more, but may positively impact your insurance rates, and possibly save your life in an accident. When the top is up in a convertible, the rear window may be smaller than that of a regular car, reducing visibility and causing blind spots, so you may have to practice extra caution to avoid accidents.  

Southern California is a great place to own and drive a convertible. Talk to your agent to find an affordable southern California auto insurance policy for your convertible.


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