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Is Distracted Driving Worth The Risk?

By December 29, 2011June 8th, 2020Insurance

Being distracted could lead to consequences that could’ve easily been avoided if our focus was directed properly, especially when driving. Is distracted driving worth the risk? You may not ask yourself that in the time of distraction, but you should. You may be on your mobile device, eating, or just drifting your eyes away from the road for a bit. It may seem like it is applicable at the time, but when something happens, one thing you will realize is that it could’ve been easily avoided.

For instance, texting while driving has become almost a way of life. Technology is so integrated with our daily routine that we don’t even realize we are using it anymore. No one can even go anywhere without their mobile phone with them; it’s even more important than their wallet or purse! With the laws implemented to prevent texting and driving, people are still doing it. That being said, the consequences that come with it can be devastating. If an accident occurs, the costs of medical care, lost time from work, and/or emotional burden can create a financial debt that you won’t be able to get out from, which is why the importance of distracted driving be limited, if not avoided.

Many of us may feel that they are immune to these distractions and they perfectly aware of their actions. Yet there have been so many incidents of distracted driving. Inevitably, it is someone who truly believes that they are not susceptible to the increased risks of distracted driving who ends up causing or failing to avoid an accident.

It is not only distracted driving that could be consequential. There are many other examples, such as:

  • We burn dinner because we are distracted.
  • We make errors and omissions at work because we are distracted.
  • We forget to make an appointment because we are distracted.

Some distractions can result in minor inconveniences, sometimes they have horrific outcomes. Nevertheless, it is something that we should not underestimate as the potential life altering situations could be easily avoided if we were to just pay a little more attention.

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