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Preparing for wildfire Season

By April 11, 2012June 8th, 2020Insurance

Summer is fast approaching and in some areas that also means the beginning of the wildfire season. It’s time to start thinking proactively about preparing your home and surroundings and also reviewing your insurance. Perhaps it’s time to review your home insurance and get some new California home insurance quotes for adequate coverage in case there is a fire in your neighborhood.

The first thing to do once the weather permits is to get out and do an assessment of your property. Winter growth should be clipped back, weeds should be pulled out, undergrowth should be cleared and any garden debris lying around should be cleared away. 

You should attend to the roof, or hire someone to do it for you, and make sure gutters and downpipes are clear of vegetation and leaf litter. This could also be a good time to get quotes for a home sprinkler system if you are in a fire risk area. 

As well as getting California home insurance quotes and cleaning up your property, you should consider other measures to reduce wildfire damage risk, such as replacing the roof with one that is more fire-resistant or installing a sprinkler system, especially if you reside in a known fire-risk area. Contact our office for more information and for home insurance quotes. 


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