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Raise your Security Level and Lower your Insurance Costs

By May 17, 2012June 8th, 2020Insurance

Keeping expenses low and profits high is the old model for a successful business. In today’s tough financial climate, many business owners may be finding that those margins are considerably narrower than in prosperous times. It means that there is a greater imperative to keep costs down, so finding ways to reduce expenditure is important. As a business owner there are some things you can’t avoid – like wages and supplier bills, but there are areas where you may be able to trim a little. Some of them may also gain you some leeway with insurance, so it could be worth your while getting some updated California business insurance quotes while you’re looking at your options.

Increasing your security is a really good way to help reduce your risks and potentially attract insurance discounts or reductions, as well as hopefully avoid claims. It’s important to remember that many business losses due to theft arise because there is opportunity there. The more deterrents you have in place, the less like you are to experience shoplifting or burglaries. 

CCTV cameras, visible security features, alarm and locking systems to keep your premises secure after hours may make it difficult for all but the most professional thief to get away with your stock or equipment. When you run a shop, you may find that encouraging your staff to greet and make eye-contact with every customer can also be off-putting to a potential shoplifter. Other security measures fore stores might include security tags on merchandise and keeping floor areas clear to increase visibility. 

You might consider consulting with a security company to ascertain what would be the most effective way of boosting security for your business. When it comes to considering your insurance options, why not call us to get some California business insurance quotes that take into account your security upgrade?

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