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Is Your Service Line (Sewer & Electric) Covered Under Your Homeowners Insurance?

By March 5, 2015June 8th, 2020Insurance

Most homeowners aren’t aware that they are responsible for the repair or replacement of service lines, such as sewer lines, electrical lines and data communication lines that run between their home and the public connection. Many think that it is covered under their homeowners insurance. Unfortunately most homeowners would be wrong!

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 Currently most insurance carriers do not offer this coverage. Mercury Insurance has recently started offering “Service Line Coverage” on their newest homeowners product line.  Service line coverage includes repairs to underground pipes and wiring that bring services such as water, power, data and communications to the home and other structures when damage occurs on the homeowners property.

Coverage includes; repair of damaged service line, excavation costs, expediting expenses, loss of use coverage for additional living expenses and outdoor property (damaged by repairs).

Many consumers make the mistake of buying a homeowners insurance policy when they purchase the property and never update or review the policy with their agent. Insurance policies are updated and new coverages become available on a regular basis and if you aren’t reviewing your insurance policy periodically you may find out that you not covered properly, and you are over paying for your homeowners insurance policy. Today many carrier offer additional discounts that were not previously available. 

By reviewing your current policy you may also find that you were sold a bad or improper policy. We frequently find unethical brokers and agents selling the wrong policy type to make their premiums look more appetizing in order to meet a production goal or out of greed. We recommend comparing and sharing  your policy  with a competing agent in order to find the most competitive premiums, find potential gaps or problems with your policy and to become more educated on exactly what your policy does or does not cover before a loss occurs and you find out you are not properly covered. For more information or a free comparison quote  contact our office


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