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Tips for new South California Home Buyers

By December 9, 2011June 8th, 2020Insurance

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of purchasing your first home, but you soon realize that it’s a luxury that comes with many additional costs and responsibilities you didn’t have to worry about as a tenant. Have you just purchased a home in Southern California? Home insurance, maintenance costs, the occasional repair, and property tax are all expenses you could soon be grumbling about.

Even so, for most of us the benefits that come with living in your own home make it worth working a little harder to pay for the privilege. You’ll want your home to improve in value over time too, so here are some tips for ensuring your home doesn’t lose value:

–    Have regular termite inspections. The costly damage these little insects can cause in a short period of time is truly amazing.

–    Attend to any required maintenance of the roof, fences, retaining walls and home structure promptly. Let the saying “a stitch in time saves nine” become your maintenance motto!

–    Keep your home well insured so that in the event of a disaster (be it a house fire or a severe storm) you’ll be in a position to finance the repairs or build again.

Congratulations on purchasing a home!  Southern California home insurance quotes are available through our agency. We can also assist you with a range of other insurance requirements, so call in or call up and introduce yourself.


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