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Tornado Damage: Is It Included in Your Southern California Home Insurance?

By February 1, 2012June 8th, 2020Insurance

When purchasing southern California home insurance and associated policies many residents plan for only the common disasters such as earthquakes and flooding. In 2010, the entire state of California only had 9 tornadoes according to the NCDC. Because of their rarity, does that mean tornado coverage is not a necessity? Consider the damage caused by just one of the twisters that occurred in 2010.

A spree of tornadoes was seen in the Golden State near the end of January 2010. One of these cyclones occurred on the 21st in Riverside County at about 3 PM in the afternoon. Drivers reported first seeing the twister cross over Interstate 10 close to the Intake Blvd. exit.

The strong winds tipped over two semi-trucks. Multiple power lines were knocked down and countless structures were damaged. Some buildings had their entire roofs blown off by the 80 mph winds. While the twister only ravaged the area for about 30 minutes, about $3 million worth of damage was caused over an area of 14 miles. Can you imagine the destruction a stronger tornado would have left behind?

In the current economy, few people are willing to take on additional expenses. Before you decide against adding tornado coverage onto your southern California home insurance, consider the cost of the repairs you could face if a twister damaged your home. Could you cover it on your own?


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