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What Parents Should Know About Their California Auto Insurance and Car Seats

By November 17, 2011June 8th, 2020Insurance

One of the worst fears of new parents is getting into an accident with your baby in the car. Hopefully your car seat will do its job and your child will not be injured by the crash. Between dealing with repairs and California auto insurance, local residents should make sure they replace the car seat before driving with their child again. Why is this necessary?

The federal government has determined that car seats are only effective in an accident once. Continuing to use the same car seat after a crash may be placing your child’s life at risk. It does not matter if the car seat was occupied during the accident or not. The force of a collision can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the safety seat. It is also insignificant if the seat looks undamaged as the structural integrity could be compromised despite a lack of visual evidence.

After being in a collision, your first thoughts will be of your child’s safety. Later, however, you may wonder if the replacement cost for the infant seat is covered by California auto insurance. Auto policies can differ in this regard. You may be covered if you have comprehensive auto insurance.

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